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Erno Doorenspleet

Executive Security Advisor, IBM

Erno Doorenspleet has more than 20 years of experience in IT, spanning IT governance and operations, outsourcing and security risk and management. Currently, Erno is part of the worldwide IBM Security Business Unit. He is a member of the IBM Security Tiger Team as the Executive Security Advisor for the EMEA region. He is an international speaker on the relationship between business and information technology, cloud computing and security.

Written By Erno Doorenspleet

Ready for Door-to-Door Delivery: Mobile Cybersecurity Simulation Training

With our mobile cybersecurity simulation facility, we can bring the Cyber Range experience to a global audience, helping companies develop the mastery and skills needed for cyberattack preparedness.

IoT Security and the Automotive Industry: Highway Heaven or Driver Hell?

It's clear from both IoT advocates and skeptics alike that security is the key to the continued technological maturity of the automotive industry.

F1 and Cybersecurity: How the CISO Secures a Place on the Podium

F1 drivers and CISOs both rely on fast, analyzed data to enable real-time decision-making and establish appropriate standards and controls.

Co-Written By Erno Doorenspleet

The Million-Dollar Data Privacy Question: Is Your Data Secure?

New legislation in the European Union will change the way organizations handle data privacy and compliance. Here's what your organization needs to know.