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Fran Howarth

Senior Analyst, Bloor Research

Fran Howarth is an industry analyst and writer specialising in security. She has worked within the security technology sector for more than 25 years in an advisory capacity as an analyst, consultant and writer. Fran focuses on the business needs for security technologies, with a focus on emerging technology sectors. Current areas of focus include cloud security, data security, identity and access management, network and endpoint security, security intelligence and analytics, and security governance and regulations.

Written By Fran Howarth

The Pick of 2017 Cybersecurity Conferences

These 2017 cybersecurity conferences offer educational and networking opportunities for security experts, professionals, enthusiasts and even hackers.

BYOD Risks: Should Account Lockout Be Used After Failed Logins?

For companies with a bring-your-own-device policy, IT managers should create security requirements that address BYOD risks without denting productivity.

Black Hat Europe 2016: Can Hacking Be Considered Entrepreneurial?

Information sharing is key to the success of the cybersecurity industry. Learn more about ethical hacking and bug bounty programs at Black Hat Europe 2016.

Malvertising: Coming to a Website Near You

Advertising enables free content. Without online advertising, many publishers would be forced to charge users through subscriptions or other methods of payment to view their content. On the flip side, it’s a way for companies to promote new...

Sabotage: The Latest Threat to the Financial/Banking Industry

Data sabotage has become a top security concern impacting the financial/banking industry as cybercriminals find ways to profit by altering financial data.

Integrated Security Solutions for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Special security solutions are needed to protect hybrid cloud environments through managed access, data protection and network visibility.

Retail Security: Industry Provides Rich Pickings for Cybercriminals

Retail security presents a huge challenge for organizations in the industry, but it is essential that they enact a holistic security strategy.

Retail IT Professionals Feel More Prepared for Data Breaches

A recent survey showed that retail IT professionals feel they are prepared for data breaches, though other data doesn't fully support their belief.

2016 Security Conferences: Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity Europe will take London by storm in June, and attendees will have many opportunities to learn about the latest security trends.

CISO Forum 2016: What Is Keeping CISOs Awake at Night?

The 10th annual CISO Forum, which was held recently in London, revealed what these security leaders are most concerned about in their organizations.