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Frederico Araujo

Research Staff Member, IBM Research

Frederico Araujo is a Research Scientist at IBM Research, where he currently investigates ways to make software systems more secure and resilient against cyber threats. At IBM, he has worked on language-based cyber deception, moving target defense, robust machine learning, and threat hunting automation. Fred holds a Ph.D. degree from UT Dallas, where he was awarded the Best Dissertation Award for his research on engineering cyber-deceptive software.

Written By Frederico Araujo

Reconciling Trust With Security: A Closer Look at Cyber Deception With DcyFS

Central to DcyFS's cyber deception capabilities is its ability to modulate subject trust through a hierarchical file system organization.

Co-Written By Frederico Araujo

Following the Clues With DcyFS: A File System for Forensics

Decoy File System's overlay layer is a forensic tool that helps security teams piece together what happens during a cyberattack and collect key evidence in the aftermath of a breach.

Hidden in Plain Sight: File System Protection With Cyber Deception

Decoy File Systems (DcyFS), a new file system approach recently unveiled in Paris, complement access control schemes and can help overcome many of the fundamental limitations of traditional ACLs.