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Fumiko Satoh

Research Staff Member and Manager, IBM Research

    Dr. Fumiko Satoh is a Research Staff Member and the Manager of Security and Services group at IBM Research - Tokyo in Japan. She leads both security and services research projects and collaborates with IBM Security and IBM Service. She has broad experiences in security, e.g. Web Service Security, Cloud Security, Security Information and Event Management, and Threat Intelligence. Her current responsibilities include providing advanced security analytics to IBM Security services and products with IBM X-Force team. She holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

    Written By Fumiko Satoh

    How to Stay One Step Ahead of Phishing Websites — Literally

    Ahead-of-threat detection enables security professionals and consumers to identify potential phishing websites faster than traditional browser protection apps can blacklist active cyberthreats.

    Co-Written By Fumiko Satoh

    How to Use DNS Analytics to Find the Compromised Domain in a Billion DNS Queries

    Using unique methods of analyzing DNS data, advanced DNS analytics enables security teams to quickly and proactively find and eliminate potential threats.