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Gary B. Meshell

Global Sales and Business Development Leader, IBM

    Gary B. Meshell is a recognized thought leader in the areas of security and cloud within the financial services industry. He has worked with a number of large insurance companies, international banks and investment management companies supporting the design and implementation of their hybrid cloud and security programs. Currently, Gary is the global sales and business development leader for IBM FSS Security.

    Written By Gary B. Meshell

    How the Financial Services Industry Is Preparing to Avoid and Respond to Systemic Cyberattacks

    Financial services industry leaders visited the IBM X-Force Command Cyber Range for a war game exercise designed to battle-test their response to a systemic cyberattack.

    Continuous Compliance Eases Cloud Adoption for Financial Services Firms

    Financial services firms face three challenges when adopting the hybrid cloud: continuous compliance with geography-specific regulations, inconsistent controls and lack of a common security framework.

    Financial Institutions Join Forces to Solve the Intensifying Cloud Compliance Dilemma

    The intensifying of cloud compliance requirements has become a major hindrance to financial institutions' growth and innovation.

    Is It Really Safe for FSS Firms to Utilize Hybrid Cloud Services?

    FSS firms planning to adopt hybrid cloud services must consider the major security challenges and regulatory requirements associated with the technology.