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Gavin Kenny

Associate Partner, IBM Security

Gavin has 20 years of experience dealing with Security and Information Assurance within both the Government & Private sectors. He has worked on issues involving security strategy, policy development, secure system design, secure cloud, network topologies, accreditation and Identity Management.Gavin loves innovative thinking and taking on tough challenges. Throughout his career, he co-authored interplanetary security architecture for NASA, designed and delivered one of the first IPTV subscriber management systems, and developed a robust security strategy that allowed a FTSE100 company to migrate all 35k staff into the Cloud.

Written By Gavin Kenny

What Is the Role of SIEM in the Fusion Center Era?

A fusion center uses a wider set of data sources, collects data from both inside and outside the organization, and delivers it to the right people to help them respond and recover more efficiently.

Speak the Board’s Language to Communicate the Value of Security

CISOs around the world complain that their board won't allocate the necessary cybersecurity investment to keep the company safe. Part of the problem might be how we communicate the value of security.

Relieving Alert Fatigue With Personally Tailored Threat Intelligence

By tailoring threat intelligence to the specific concerns of the analysts consuming it, organizations can reduce alert fatigue and achieve higher levels of security maturity.

IBM to Help Shape the Future of Cybersecurity at CYBERUK 2018

CYBERUK 2018 offers attendees an opportunity to network with experts, collaborate with peers and recruit new talent to join the fight against ever-evolving cyberthreats.

The First Rule of Security Club: Don’t Talk About Security

The first rule about Security Club is don't talk about security — or, at least, don't let security initiatives get in the way of delivering business value.

Smart Homes Need Smart Security

With technology turning standard houses and offices into smart homes and smart buildings, it's vital we create a smart security system that can keep up.

Connected Cars: Safe to Drive, Safe to Own

Modern, connected cars are a wonderful piece of engineering, but that doesn't mean they are without security and privacy risks that drivers should know of.

I Know Everything About You! The Rise of the Intelligent Personal Assistant

An intelligent personal assistant (IPA) can be of tremendous help to individuals, but it may pose a security risk if users aren't careful.