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George Moraetes

VP, Chief Security Officer and Architect, Securityminders Corporation

George Moraetes is one of the leading information security practitioners with over 20 years of industry experience. He currently serves as the VP, Chief Security Officer and Architect of Securityminders Corporation. In this role, he provides consulting services for Fortune 500 clients, federal and state governments in multiple management role engagements. He is responsible for strategy development, designing and implementing security architectures and overseeing security infrastructure implementations.

Written By George Moraetes

Succession Planning: The Importance of a Deputy CISO

To ensure a smooth transfer of security power, organizations should establish a definitive plan to appoint and develop a deputy CISO.

Information Security in the Age of Disinformation

With so much disinformation being reported in the news and spread through social media, it's hard for security professionals to know what to believe.

Is the CISO Job Market Overcrowded?

The CISO job market is full of qualified and underemployed security leaders champing at the bit to provide value to organizations.

Building an Effective CISO-CIO Partnership

For an organization's security program to thrive, the CISO and CIO must be on the same page when it comes to implementations and budgetary concerns.

How The Next-Generation CISO Will Lead Security Strategy

The next-generation CISO must take charge of board meetings to spread awareness among executives of the crucial link between security and business goals.

CISO Complexity: A Role More Daunting Than Ever

Given the growing number of compliance requirements and advanced threats security leaders must deal with, CISO complexity is at an all-time high.

CISOs Are Constantly Confronted With Conflicts of Interest

Companies and individuals may throw ethics out the window when there's an extra buck to be made. CISOs must learn to nip conflicts of interest in the bud.

Increased Regulatory Compliance Is Choking the CISO

CISOs and other business leaders are struggling to maintain regulatory compliance as government agencies continue to devise new, complicated laws.

Predicting the Top Three Concerns for CISOs in 2017

The top concerns for CISOs in 2017 involve aligning with business goals, addressing the IT skills gap and the increasing sophistication of cyberthreats.

Five Signs of CISO Complacency

CISO complacency can lead to anxiety and ambiguity, which can erode team morale and cause IT departments to miss important details with no accountability.