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George Platsis

Senior Lead Technologist, Educator and Author
George Platsis works with the private, public and nonprofit sectors to address their strategic, operational and training needs, focusing on projects related to business development, risk/crisis management, resilience, cyber and information security, and cultural relations. His primary focus is on human factor vulnerabilities related to cybersecurity, information security and data security by separating the network and information risk areas. Some of the issues he tackles include: business continuity, resilience strategies, social engineering, insider threats, psychological warfare, data manipulation and integrity, and information dominance. George is a Senior Lead Technologist for Proactive Incident Response & Crisis Management at Booz Allen Hamilton, an educator, author and a founding member of the #CyberAvengers. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and has graduate degrees in business administration, disaster and emergency management, law and cybersecurity. He has completed executive education in national/international security and cybersecurity at Harvard University, Syracuse University and the Canadian Forces College. The views expressed by this author on SecurityIntelligence are those of the author and not necessarily the views of Booz Allen Hamilton, its management, its subsidiaries, its affiliates or its other professionals.