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George Tubin

Sr. Security Strategist

George Tubin is the Senior Security Strategist for Trusteer, an IBM company, where he heads the thought leadership program to advance online and mobile banking security and adoption, and advise enterprises on best practices for protecting corporate assets from targeted attacks. With over 25 years in the banking and high-technology industries, his areas of expertise include consumer online and mobile banking, online fraud and identity theft prevention, and enterprise fraud management strategies.

Written By George Tubin

Inconvenient Security: When Attorneys Drive Security Decisions

The Choice Escrow fraud liability case was once again in the news as an appellate court denied a rehearing request. This case centers on usable security.

Boleto Malware: Two New Variants Discovered

Researchers have discovered two additional variants of Boleto malware that operate quite differently from the previously discovered Eupuds malware.

Fraud Prevention on Trial: Effectiveness vs. Convenience

When it comes to online banking, what is considered a commercially reasonable means of fraud protection, and how effective are those means to begin with?

Blacklisting, White-listing and the Way Forward: Comments on the Schneier-Ranum Face-Off

Will white-listing or blacklisting better protect your enterprise? We weigh in on the ongoing debate.

Is Your Risk Engine Shortsighted? Improve Its Vision With a Holistic View

A firm can face a malware breach if its risk engine does not see every stage of an attack, as one bank recently discovered.

Can You Get Rid of Java?

Java suffers the most malware infections of any programming language and recent zero-day exploits now warrant removing it from business applications.

Live on Video: uMitB Steals ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ Credentials

A new video shows a uMitB scam stealing "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" credentials from unsuspecting victims through a webinject.

Endpoint Security: No Admin Rights, No Malware? Yeah, Right!

Endpoint security can be compromised if employees have permission to make administrative changes on company devices. However, they may still be at risk.

What Do Operation Red October and the Recently Discovered Java Flaw Have in Common?

The year just started, but already two major software vulnerabilities have made headlines. One concerns Java. The other is called Operation Red October.

Malvertising Campaigns Get a Boost From Unpatched Java Zero-Day Exploits

A new type of malware distributes Blackhole exploit kits that compromise user endpoints through malicious advertising, or "malvertising."