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Grace Murphy

Data Security Product Marketing Manager

    Grace is a member of the product marketing group within the IBM Security business unit, and is part of the team responsible for IBM Security Guardium. Grace joined IBM in 2017 after spending several years in the startup world, and holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia.

    Written By Grace Murphy

    Forrester Analyst Heidi Shey Dives Deep Into Data Discovery and Classification

    Forrester data analyst Heidi Shey returns to the SecurityIntelligence podcast to offer her advice for better data discovery, classification and strategy.

    How Will You Solve the Data Classification Conundrum?

    Data classification takes on even greater importance today in the context of regulatory compliance mandates and debates over data privacy. Here's what you need to know.

    Analyzing Your GDPR Readiness: The Core Data Protection Capabilities You Need

    The sweeping General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union (EU) intends to revolutionize the relationships of data holders or processors and the people associated with that data.

    Epic Fails in Data Security, Solutions Edition: Failure to Quantify Your ROI

    One of the most common epic fails in data security is the failure to quantify the ROI of the enterprise's data protection solutions.

    Facilitating Stronger Data Protection and Partner Collaboration With Guardium 10.5

    Today, IBM announced the release of IBM Security Guardium Data Protection v10.5 to help clients manage unstructured data in the face of increasing regulations and the evolving threat landscape.

    Top Three Reasons Why GDPR Can Be Good for Business

    In addition to its obvious data privacy benefits, a commitment to GDPR readiness can help organizations promote collaboration across business units and improve enterprisewide security culture.

    In 2018, Data Security Is No Longer an Underdog

    Once the underdog of the enterprise security world, data security is finally gaining momentum as a driver of revenue.

    The Data Security Forecast Calls for Zero Trust

    To successfully implement a zero trust architecture, security teams must invest in data security solutions that continuously monitor access in real time.

    Managing More Medical Images Than Ever? Learn How to Better Protect Them

    If not properly secured, many of the systems health care organizations use to store and share medical images could be exploited to expose patients' PHI.

    Three Tips to Help Your Organization Hit Data Protection Out of the Park

    Although data protection is crucial to the success of any business, many employees still circumvent security policies they mistakenly deem superfluous.