Grant Gross

I'm a veteran journalist with more than 25 years of experience, including 14 years of writing about the intersection of technology and public policy. My stories have appeared at,,,,, and in CIO magazine. Until May 2017, I worked as senior editor at IDG News Service, the internal wire service at IDG, publishers of PCWorld, MacWorld, Computerworld, and other high-profile tech news sites. I previously served as the Washington, D.C., correspondent there for nearly 13 years. I've covered net neutrality fights in the U.S. Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, revelations of mass surveillance programs at the National Security Agency, and huge online protests over a controversial online copyright enforcement bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). I've written extensively about government efforts to improve cybersecurity and about law enforcement agencies pushing smartphone makers and software vendors to build encryption workarounds into their products. I write authoritatively about complex technical, policy, and legal topics.
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