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Heather Ricciuto

Security Academic Initiative Leader, IBM

Heather Ricciuto is Global Leader of IBM Security’s Academic Initiative, partnering with educational and research institutions around the globe to develop top cybersecurity talent and close the skills gap. Her passions include workforce diversity, the advancement of women, volunteering and continuous learning. Heather is active in several initiatives involving the recruitment, retention and advancement of women at IBM. These include developing and delivering cyber camps for girls in grades 6 to 8, volunteering at IBM EX.I.T.E. camps and leading a recruiting committee for Women in Security Excelling (WISE) at IBM.

Written By Heather Ricciuto

Representation of Women in Cybersecurity Remains Stagnant, Despite Recent Efforts to Balance the Scales

According to a new study, the gap between men and women in cybersecurity barely closed since 2015 despite widespread efforts to raise awareness.