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Hy Chantz

Associate Partner - Blockchain Solutions, Global Banking and Financial Markets Center of Competency; IBM Master Inventor

    Hyman David (Hy) Chantz is an Associate Partner - Blockchain Solutions in IBM's Global Banking and Financial Markets Center of Competency, and an IBM Master Inventor. Hy enables, optimizes and transforms the business outcomes of clients via innovative, cost-effective and appropriate use of blockchain, cognitive computing, cloud and other advanced technologies. The team emphasizes using these techniques and processes both "defensively"- to drive efficiencies and reduce risks; and "offensively" - to deploy solutions which expand clients' own customer market share and mindshare. Hy has over 20 years’ experience engineering, implementing and managing critical infrastructure worldwide. Hy is an Active Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and a member of the IEEE Controls System Committee on Smart Grids. Hy currently holds nine individual and two team U.S. patents relating to banking, utilities, health care, transportation and other highly-regulated industries. He is a Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical and Computers) in New York State, and a member of the New York, Florida, Patent and associated Federal bars. Hy is a multi-badged Certified IBM Consultant, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and a Certified Bitcoin Professional. Hy is also a U.S. Coast Guard credentialed Merchant Marine Radio Officer and holds Federal Aviation Administration certification as an Advanced Ground Instructor; as well as being licensed as a "Remote Pilot - Unmanned Aerial System" for commercial drone use.

    Written By Hy Chantz

    How Emerging Technologies Can Unexpectedly Advance — Or Impede — Cybersecurity Gender Inclusion

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    There is a gender gap in STEM fields, but recent advances may help the future woman engineer take advantage of all past information.

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    Information security in the energy industry is growing in importance, which means organizations need to embrace new strategies for operating safely.

    Phones, Drones and Clones: The Path to Cognitive Privacy

    Enterprises and individuals need to take the lead when it comes to security and privacy in today's complex world — just as they have for decades.