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Igor Aronov

X-Force Advanced Researcher

    Igor Aronov is a member of the IBM X-Force Advanced Research Team. After graduating from NYU-POLY he went to work for the US government. His main areas of interest are reverse engineering and low level programming.

    Written By Igor Aronov

    An Example of Common String and Payload Obfuscation Techniques in Malware

    IBM X-Force researcher Igor Aronov examines some common techniques used by malware authors to complicate dynamic (automated) and static (manual) analysis.

    An Analysis of the Qadars Banking Trojan

    This blog provides a deep, technical look into the Qadars banking Trojan.

    Analysis of FinFisher Bootkit

    The following is an in-depth investigation of the FinFisher bootkit malware published by WikiLeaks and a breakdown of its technicalities.