Written By Ilya Kolmanovich

New Neverquest Variant Spotted in the Wild

IBM Trusteer researchers have been observing a new variant of the Neverquest malware that is designed to bypass security products.

Co-Written By Ilya Kolmanovich

Canadian Business Banking Customers Hit With Targeted Phishing, Account Takeover Attacks

A targeted phishing campaign aimed at Canadian businesses prompts users with high levels of access to divulge login credentials and authentication codes.

The NukeBot Trojan, a Bruised Ego and a Surprising Source Code Leak

After being spurned by his cybercriminal peers on underground forums, the creator of NukeBot apparently leaked the banking Trojan's source code.

Shifu: ‘Masterful’ New Banking Trojan Is Attacking 14 Japanese Banks

A brand -ew advanced banking Trojan discovered in the wild has been named Shifu by IBM Security X-Force, after the Japanese word for thief.