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Jack Danahy

CTO and Founder, Barkly

Jack Danahy is the co-founder and CTO of Barkly, the Endpoint Protection Platform that delivers the strongest protection with the fewest false positives and simplest management. A 25-year innovator in computer, network and data security, Jack was previously the founder and CEO of two successful security companies: Qiave Technologies (acquired by Watchguard Technologies in 2000) and Ounce Labs (acquired by IBM in 2009). Jack is a frequent writer and speaker on security and security issues, and has received multiple patents in a variety of security technologies. Prior to founding Barkly, he was the Director of Advanced Security for IBM, and led the delivery of security services for IBM in North America.

Written By Jack Danahy

Simplicity Is the Key to Progress in Endpoint Security

To remain secure amid the growing cybersecurity skills gap, it's critical for organizations to reduce the complexity of endpoint security processes wherever possible.

False Positives Are a True Negative: Using Machine Learning to Improve Accuracy

Machine learning can be a boon for businesses, but effective machine learning must help analysts cut through the noise with few false positives.

Responsive Machine Learning: The Necessary Evolution of Endpoint Security

With responsive machine learning, analysts can create robust training sets by combining thousands of malware samples with current data on software updates.

The Competing Claims of Security Vendors Sow Customer Distrust

There is no such thing as a magic bullet for security. When security vendors push their products too hard, customers grow skeptical of the entire industry.

Swimming in Security Data Without Drowning

With so much security data and threat intelligence available, IT professionals are struggling to stay afloat in this expansive ocean of information.

Co-Written By Jack Danahy