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Jaikumar Vijayan

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Jaikumar Vijayan is an award-winning technology journalist with nearly 25 years of experience in IT trade journalism. He was most recently a Senior Editor at Computerworld, a publication that he was with for over 20 years. His stories have appeared in Computerworld, Information Week, InfoWorld, Network World, PCWorld, MacWorld, The Economic Times and other publications.Vijayan sepcializes in writing on information security and its impact on enterprises and consumers. As Computerworld's security and privacy reporter, Vijayan wrote extensively on malware and hacker threats, data breaches, government regulations, enterprise security technologies and services, mobile and wireless security, payment systems security, government surveillance and constitutional rights. Vijayan has also covered a variety of other technology topics including Big Data, Hadoop, Internet of Things, E-voting and data analytics.

Written By Jaikumar Vijayan

Tech Support Scammers Spotted Using Ransomware

In a troubling new development, some tech support scammers may have begun using ransomware tools to increase their chances of cashing in on schemes.

Port Fail Vulnerability Exposes Real IP Addresses of VPN Users

A vulnerability in the way many VPN providers configure their port forwarding service lets attackers unmask the real IP addresses of users.

Friday Is Peak Malware Distribution Day, Study Shows

Malware distribution tends to peak on Friday, according to a new study from Cyren. Here's what else the report had to say about cyberthreats.

XOR DDoS Attack Tool Being Used to Launch Over 20 Daily Attacks

Threat actors are using a previously discovered DDoS attack tool to launch over 20 daily attacks against legitimate organizations, new research showed.

Mobile Travel Apps Are a Security Minefield, Report Says

Many of the popular mobile travel apps that consumers use to book flights, hotel reservations and other travel arrangements are riddled with flaws.

Deception Tools and Techniques Offer Game-Changing Potential for Enterprise Security, Gartner Says

Enterprise security can benefit from the implementation of decoy and deception tools, which Gartner predicts will be essential for future data protection.

About 30,000 Instances of MongoDB Exposed on Web, Security Researcher Says

Some 30,000 instances of MongoDB are accessible over the Internet because of a failure by database administrators to properly configure them.

Operation Kofer Signals the New Commoditization of Ransomware

A new type of ransomware called Kofer poses a severe threat to Internet users on a global scale, but it's just the tip of the malware iceberg.

Crypto, XSS Flaws Rampant in Web Application Software, Study Shows

A handful of common and well-known Web application software flaws continue to pose huge problems for organizations across multiple sectors.

FUD or Fact: The Role of News Media in Security

A session at the InfoSec Europe conference focused on how the news media covers cybersecurity-related stories and what you can do to change the narrative.