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Jaikumar Vijayan

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Jaikumar Vijayan is an award-winning technology journalist with nearly 25 years of experience in IT trade journalism. He was most recently a Senior Editor at Computerworld, a publication that he was with for over 20 years. His stories have appeared in Computerworld, Information Week, InfoWorld, Network World, PCWorld, MacWorld, The Economic Times and other publications.Vijayan sepcializes in writing on information security and its impact on enterprises and consumers. As Computerworld's security and privacy reporter, Vijayan wrote extensively on malware and hacker threats, data breaches, government regulations, enterprise security technologies and services, mobile and wireless security, payment systems security, government surveillance and constitutional rights. Vijayan has also covered a variety of other technology topics including Big Data, Hadoop, Internet of Things, E-voting and data analytics.

Written By Jaikumar Vijayan

FFIEC Warns Banks of Malware Attacks, Credential Theft

Banks face serious risk from sophisticated malware and credential-stealing attacks, according to a recent alert from the FFIEC to financial institutions.

Security Flaw Pushes Mozilla to Disable Firefox Opportunistic Encryption Capability

According to Mozilla, it has disabled its Firefox opportunistic encryption capability after a security flaw that allowed for MitM attacks was discovered.

All Four Major Browsers Hacked in Pwn2Own Competition

All four major browsers were hacked by security researchers at the Pwn2Own competition, which is designed to encourage responsible bug disclosures.

BlackBerry Launches Secure Tablet in Collaboration With IBM, Samsung

BlackBerry launched a secure tablet for government and corporate use through a partnership with IBM and Samsung in what could be its chance for a comeback.

Google Researchers Develop Exploits for DRAM Rowhammer Hardware Bug

Security researchers at Google have found a way to reliably exploit a serious hardware bug that is present in many laptop devices.

Using Natural Language Processing to Identify Malicious Domains

Cybercriminals using similar lexical styles when establishing domains to phish from allow analysts to spot them via natural language processing techniques.

Security Breach at Point of Sale Vendor NEXTEP Highlights Third-Party Security Risks

Point of sale vendor NEXTEP recently experienced a payment card data breach, highlighting the risks companies face when partnering with third parties.

Publicly Stored Security Key May Have Enabled Uber Data Breach

A recent data breach at Uber may have been enabled by a security key stored on a public GitHub page, according to a lawsuit filed by Uber.

Android Malware Hijacks Phone Shutdown Routine

An Android malware tool fakes the phone shutdown process to steal data, demonstrating the threats that accompany downloading apps from third-party stores.

Commercial Surveillance Tools Being Used as Mobile Malware, Survey Shows

Commercially available surveillance tools pose a mobile malware threat to enterprise data, according to a recent report from Lacoon Mobile Security.