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Jaikumar Vijayan is an award-winning technology journalist with nearly 25 years of experience in IT trade journalism. He was most recently a Senior Editor at Computerworld, a publication that he was with for over 20 years. His stories have appeared in Computerworld, Information Week, InfoWorld, Network World, PCWorld, MacWorld, The Economic Times and other publications.Vijayan sepcializes in writing on information security and its impact on enterprises and consumers. As Computerworld's security and privacy reporter, Vijayan wrote extensively on malware and hacker threats, data breaches, government regulations, enterprise security technologies and services, mobile and wireless security, payment systems security, government surveillance and constitutional rights. Vijayan has also covered a variety of other technology topics including Big Data, Hadoop, Internet of Things, E-voting and data analytics.

Written By Jaikumar Vijayan

Top 5 Biggest Data Breaches in 2014

A look at the top data breaches that compromised millions of records containing personal information from major retailers and other companies in 2014.

More Than 100,000 WordPress Websites Infected With SoakSoak Malware

More than 100,000 WordPress-hosted websites appear to be infected with malware that redirects users to the SoakSoak.ru malicious website.

Study: Security Leaders Feel Outmatched by Adversaries

A new IBM report shows that the majority of IT security leaders feel outmatched by cyberadversaries and the types of attacks used today.

Major Websites Remain Vulnerable to POODLE Attack

Many major websites are still vulnerable to the POODLE attack, which now works against certain Transport Layer Security (TLS) implementations.

FBI Warns US Businesses of Destructive Data-Wiping Malware

According to the FBI, businesses should watch out for a particularly destructive type of malware that is capable of wiping out data on infected systems.

Cybercrime Group Targets Corporate Data for Stock Manipulation

A cybercrime group has been systematically targeting email accounts belonging to high-ranking corporate executives with access to market-moving data.

Despite Breaches, Enterprise Security Managers Remain Surprisingly Optimistic

Despite recent breaches, a majority of IT managers remain surprisingly confident in their company's ability to deal with enterprise security threats.

US Tops List of Countries Hosting Malware and Botnets

The United States continues to host more malware and botnets than Russia, China and any other country, according to a recent X-Force report.

New Low-Price Malware Tools Raise Security Risks for SMBs

New, low-cost malware tools such as Predator Pain and Limitless pose a growing threat to small and midsize businesses (SMBs), according to Trend Micro.

Darkhotel Malware Targets Hotel Guests in Sophisticated Data-Theft Campaign

A malicious hacking crew, possibly based out of South Korea, has been quietly stealing data from high-level hotel guests with the Darkhotel malware.