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Jake Munroe

i2 Product Marketing Manager

Jake Munroe is a product marketing manager on the IBM Security i2 team. He is a Navy veteran with an extensive background in counterterrorism, cyber threat intelligence, and open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

Written By Jake Munroe

Hunting for the True Meaning of Threat Hunting at RSAC 2019

Many vendors at RSAC 2019 boasted of their advanced and even automated threat hunting capabilities, but it's important to understand the difference between true threat hunting and marketing jargon.

More Than Just a Fad: Lessons Learned About Threat Hunting in 2018

One cybersecurity capability that continues to prove it's here to stay is threat hunting, a proactive approach to discovering and mitigating threats.

Co-Written By Jake Munroe

It’s Time to Start Thinking Like a Threat Hunter

Many organizations understand the importance of threat hunting but simply lack enough time or resources. Here are some tips to help you start thinking like a threat hunter, regardless of your budget.