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James Murphy

WW Solution Architect, IBM

James is Offering Manager for IBM Watson IoT Platform with a particular focus on security and risk management for IoT.

Written By James Murphy

Operational Integrity and Incident Response for IoT Security

An incident response plan, basic understanding of the threat landscape and regular security testing are crucial to IoT security.

Master the Basics to Manage IoT Security Risks

Security measures are most effective when built in during the design phase. To achieve this, companies must understand basic facts about IoT security.

Multipronged IoT Security to Help Realize the Value of IoT Solutions

IT decision-makers should invest in reliable tools and the help of trusted experts to respond to emerging IoT security challenges.

Coffee Break With Colleagues? Cream, Sugar and Two Spoonfuls of IoT Security

When you huddle around the coffee machine at work or flip on your smart kettle at home, do you consider the security of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices you are using? If you’re like most, IoT security is probably the last thing on your...

The Million-Dollar Data Privacy Question: Is Your Data Secure?

New legislation in the European Union will change the way organizations handle data privacy and compliance. Here's what your organization needs to know.

What’s the Difference Between Mobile, Wearables and a Luggage Tag When It Comes to Security?

Mobile devices and endpoints still remain the main gateways for wearables to interact with the wider IT environment, and all must be secured.