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Jamie Caffrey

European Pre-Sales Leader - IBM i2

Jamie Caffrey is IBM’s European Pre-Sales leader for i2 software, and is part of IBM’s Security Business Unit. Experienced working in public and private sectors, Jamie advises customers how to use technology to deliver new insights and value in their organisations, particularly in the field of link analysis, intelligence and cyber security. Jamie has a proven track record of developing innovative; analytics based solutions that marry the business needs of his customers to IBM’s technical capabilities, bringing insights and actionable intelligence out of the wealth of information locked in the silos and unstructured data that exist in complex organisations.

Written By Jamie Caffrey

Are You Prepared for Omnichannel Fraud?

Omnichannel fraud has evolved to exploit the myriad technologies retailers have developed to enable consumers to purchase goods anytime, anywhere.

Diving Deeper to Understand, Investigate and Mitigate Cyberthreats

Investigative analysis tools enable SOC teams to proactively hunt for and mitigate cyberthreats instead of meticulously collecting and curating data.

Co-Written By Jamie Caffrey

A Whole New Ballgame: Applying the Immune System Approach to Sporting Event Cybersecurity

Emerging mobile and cloud-based technologies present many new challenges pertaining to sporting event cybersecurity.