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Jan Dyment

i2 Threat Hunting Product Marketing Manager at IBM Security

Jan’s passion is a fusion of her education in international relations and her career in the cybersecurity industry that has given her unique insight into the international cyber threat landscape. Jan graduated from Harvard University Extension School in Cambridge, MA, receiving her degree in International Relations with a field of study in Leadership. She is currently i2 Threat Hunting Product Marketing Manager for IBM Security in Cambridge, MA

Written By Jan Dyment

The Cyber Attribution Dilemma: 3 Barriers to Cyber Deterrence

The concept of mutually assured destruction (MAD) has historically prevented nuclear war, but threat actors' advanced obfuscation techniques have made cyber deterrence difficult if not impossible.

Know Your Enemy: How to Build a Successful Threat Hunting Program

To build a successful threat hunting program, you must thoroughly understand who might attack your organization, what these malicious actors might be after and what tactics they'll use to get it.

The High ROI of Cyberweapons: Five Factors Driving the Rise in Threats

Due to their low barrier to entry, increasing availability and high return on investment, cyberweapons are becoming massively popular among threat actors.