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Jasen Meece

Director of Identity and Access Management Offerings and Strategy

Jasen is the director of offering and strategy for Identity and Access Management at IBM. In this position, he is responsible for IBM's strategy and delivery of identity governance, access management, and the convergence with fraud and user risk. Previously, he was Managing Partner in IBM's Security group focusing on cloud identity services and cyber risk management. He has held executive leadership positions at KPMG, Quebera Solutions, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and SABRE.

Written By Jasen Meece

IBM Identity Study Shows Security May Be Financial Services Firms’ Best Defense Against Disruption

According to the "IBM Future of Identity Study," consumers are beginning to prioritize security over convenience, making trust a crucial competitive advantage for financial institutions.

IBM Study Shows Consumers Don’t Trust Social Networks With Identity Data

IBM Security's "Future of Identity Study" found that consumers don't trust social media networks to securely collect their identity data.

IBM Security Expands Partner Ecosystem for Multifactor Authentication

New partner integrations for IBM Security Access Manager are now available via IBM Security App Exchange.