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Jasmine Henry

Jasmine Henry (formerly Jasmine W. Gordon) is a Seattle-based emerging commentator and freelance journalist specializing in analytics, information security, and other emerging tech trends. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Time, Reuters, HR Professionals Magazine, ADP Spark, HP Tektonika, Mimecast, and dozens of other publications.With a background in IT project management and data analysis, Henry has direct experience with the application of emergent technology trends in both startup and enterprise settings. She specializes in translating complex trends and massive data sets into high-value, shareable news and blog posts. Henry holds a MS in Informatics & Analytics from Lipscomb University in Nashville, where she also completed a graduate certificate in Health Care Informatics.

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Endpoint Management Missteps in the ‘Die Hard’ Franchise: Viewing a Holiday Favorite Through a Cybersecurity Lens

Security professionals can learn valuable lessons about endpoint management from the "Die Hard" franchise of holiday-themed thrillers.

5 Ways CISOs Can Improve Collaboration on Security Risks

While the CISO's role is more important than ever, recent studies have revealed a disconnect between CISOs and business executives and difficulities communicating security risks in business terms.

These 5 Types of Insider Threats Could Lead to Costly Data Breaches

Insider threats are not only the most common cause of cybersecurity risk, but also the costliest and hardest to detect.

Stories From the Edge of IoT Security: Threat Demos From Black Hat and DEF CON

At Black Hat 2018 and DEF CON 26, experts shared insights about IoT security risks and vulnerabilities and offered advice to help organizations and consumers navigate our increasingly connected world.

7 Ways to Identify Darknet Cybersecurity Risks

Explore seven characteristics of security risk from the dark and hidden web. Learn how organizations can capture the latent value of dark-sourced threat intelligence.

5 Ways Privacy by Design Can Rebuild Consumer Trust

As enterprises adopt GDPR requirements of privacy by design and default, there's an opportunity to win customer trust and build meaningful relationships through customer education around data privacy.

Bridging the Divided Perspectives on SOC Tech and Talent

There's a significant divide between perceptions of SOC technology, talent and other key operations issues among analysts, directors and executives, according to the findings of a recent report.

Can a Mature Bug Bounty Program Help Solve the Security Talent Shortage?

With a well-planned, mature bug bounty program, security leaders can lessen the impact of the security talent shortage by tapping the white-hat hacker community.

Why Isn’t Secure DevOps Being Practiced?

While chief information officers (CIOs) and leaders understand early testing is key to cost control and risk reduction, few teams are practicing secure DevOps in a way that meaningfully reduces risks.

Threat Intelligence Machine Learning Adoption: Time to Ditch the Black Box Security Analytics

While studies reveal the majority of CTI adopters are dissatisfied with threat intelligence machine learning adoption, there's evidence the adversary is already using algorithms to their advantage.