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Jason Keirstead

Development Manager, QRadar Risk Manager

Jason Keirstead is the development manager for IBM QRadar Risk Manager. He has over 10 years experience in security intelligence, and has been highly involved in the design and development of many of IBM’s Security Intelligence portfolio of products over the past decade. Jason loves to work on challenging problems, and his primary mission is to enable simple, intuitive solutions that help to solve the complex security problems of clients. Jason holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick.

Written By Jason Keirstead

How Security Intelligence Helps Reduce the Impact of Heartbleed Vulnerability

Discussions about the ramifications of the Heartbleed vulnerability are currently taking the Internet by storm. Learn how a proper application of security intelligence tools can help reduce the cost and impact of these kinds of issues in the...

Sharpening Your Security Intelligence Ax with Big Data

If you are the typical enterprise, you potentially have tens of thousands of software vulnerabilities spread across thousands and thousands of machines in your network. The possibilities for using existing data to enhance your vulnerability...