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Jay Bretzmann

WW Market Segment Manager, IBM Security

Jay Bretzmann currently directs product marketing activities for IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform offerings developing product messaging, marketing collaterals, website contents and conducting new product launch efforts. His earlier Software Group experience involved Business Partner marketing activities for Tivoli automation and asset management solutions and the WebSphere portfolio of service-oriented middleware products, specializing in the connectivity offerings. Prior to joining IBM’s Software Group, Jay managed IBM’s modular line of industry standard servers including all rack and tower, Intel- and AMD-based offerings.

Written By Jay Bretzmann

Is Your Security Intelligence Solution Stuck in the Past?

IT security managers should bet on a security intelligence solution that can be installed quickly and offers speedy, reliable support.

The Case for Managed Security Monitoring

Managed security monitoring solutions can help organizations identify and analyze threats more effectively than internal resources.

Faster Searches, Less Space With QRadar Security Intelligence

QRadar Security Intelligence now offers faster data searches for its users in addition to a host of other improvements and new features.

Security: It’s Better When Done Together

IBM's X-Force Exchange encourages security professionals to share threat intelligence information, which in turn helps the entire industry advance.

Anomaly Detection: The Power of Next-Generation SIEM

If a corporate network has been breached, prevent further damage with anomaly detection and behavioral analytics stemming from SIEM tools.

What Does It Take to Run a Leading Security Intelligence Solution?

The right security intelligence solution can streamline enterprise operations and prevent workers from being overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Cloud Security and the Managed Services Provider: Hold the Pickle, Add More Lettuce

A managed services provider that can offer flexible licensing terms and customized security solutions will fare better in competition than its rivals.

Outsourcing IT Security Infrastructure Is Like Hiring a Good Lawn Service Company

Enterprises that take advantage of outsourcing to meet their security needs can benefit from lower costs and opportunities for future tech advancements.

What Are the Best Network Forensics and Data Capture Tools?

An analysis of the top data capture and network forensics tools across six common criteria. See which incident forensics solution scored the best overall.

Searching for Trouble: Finding a Security Breach Just Got a Lot Easier

The newest planned addition to the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform promises to be a game changer for understanding how an attack succeeded and the steps required to defeat it. Any member of an IT security team will now be able to intuitively...

Co-Written By Jay Bretzmann

UEBA: Canary in a Coal Mine

User entity behavioral analysis (UEBA) can provide analysts with actionable insights and early warnings of threats, much like a canary in a coal mine.