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Jean-Luc Labbé

Security Channels Business Development Leader, IBM

Jean-Luc Labbé has about 20 years of experience in security. He has held different positions at IBM Security, Q1 Labs, ArcSight, VeriSign and RSA Security to name a few. He currently provides technical leadership to the IBM Security Business Partners ecosystem in Europe.

Written By Jean-Luc Labbé

Why You Should Start Leveraging Network Flow Data Before the Next Big Breach

One of the most crucial types of information for threat detection and incident response is network flow data, which has several unique properties that can help security analysts uncover attacks.

Can a Cognitive-Powered Security Intelligence Platform Bring Your SOC Up to Speed?

Without cognitive insights, a security intelligence platform does little to ease the pressure on short-staffed security operations center (SOC) teams to analyze massive volumes of threat data.

Your IBM i Holds Your Crown Jewels. What Are You Doing to Protect Them?

As threats become more advanced, it's increasingly critical for security teams to proactively monitor what's happening within and outside of IBM i.

Co-Written By Jean-Luc Labbé

Here’s What You Need to Know to Secure Your IoT Projects

Securing IoT projects requires a thorough understanding of your technology infrastructure, its services and components, and how they relate to each other.

Insights From European Customers on Cybersecurity and Security Awareness

Hot topics of conversation around European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) included the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity, the blurred line between the good guys and bad actors, and more.

Best Practices for Designing a Security Operations Center

Designing a security operations center (SOC) is not as simple as setting and forgetting an SIEM solution. Security leaders must consider human factors, business needs, budgetary constraints and more.