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Jennifer Glenn

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    Jennifer has been working in and writing about the security industry for 18 years.

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    Here’s Why More Security Solutions Doesn’t Equal Better Security

    Security data isn't useful when it's isolated in data silos. Organizations need a simplified ecosystem of integrated security solutions to keep up with the shifting threat landscape.

    Rewrite the Rules to Reduce Complexity in Your Security Architecture

    At RSAC 2019, Sridhar Muppidi and Devin Somppi implored vendors to "start looking at security as a team sport" and redouble their efforts to reduce complexity in their security architecture.

    Celebrating International Women’s Day: Why We Need Better Representation of Women in Security

    This International Women's Day, we celebrate the accomplishments of some of the most influential women in security and explore ways to expose more girls and young women to cyber careers.

    Why You Need a Security-First Culture to Deliver on Your Customer-First Goals

    Organizations that do not establish a security-first culture will struggle to deliver on their customer-first initiatives.