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Jennifer Tullman-Botzer

Security Intelligence Editor

Jenn joined IBM through its acquisition of Trusteer in 2013. She has been a member of IBM Security's worldwide digital marketing team since 2015 and until recently oversaw the day to day operations and editorial management of SecurityIntelligence.com. She now brings her marketing expertise to the IBM Security Community, where she leads content strategy, digital experience and social advocacy. Jenn has a BA from American University in Washington, DC and has lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for the past 10 years.

Written By Jennifer Tullman-Botzer

Closing the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity: Girls Can’t Be What They Can’t See

In this podcast Heather Ricciuto, Academic Outreach Leader at IBM Security, discusses why women are vastly underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry and how IBM is working to combat this gender gap.

Connecting the Dots With the IBM Cognitive SOC and Watson for Cyber Security

With IBM's Cognitive SOC and Watson for Cyber Security, analysts can detect and respond to incidents that traditional threat intelligence platforms miss.

Malware: Bigger and Badder Than Ever

Malware underwent a major evolution in 2015, and traditional defenses need to be have dynamic intelligence if they hope to keep pace with these threats.

Batman Vs. Superman: The Battle for Password Security

Batman and Superman may be two great superheroes, but neither makes a very secure password when it comes to protecting against cybercriminals.