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Joan is an award-winning veteran journalist, editor, writer, researcher. She is a seasoned correspondent covering the security industry with deep contacts and knowledge of the topics important to security professionals. Joan spent nine years at CSO Online, including four years acting as editor-in-chief.

Written By Joan Goodchild

4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Security Budget

Getting an increase security budget approved is one thing; spending it effectively is another challenge altogether. Follow these tips to get the most value out of your SOC's funds.

How an IoT Botnet Could Breach the Power Grid and Cause Widespread Blackouts

A group of researchers from Princeton revealed that, through an attack dubbed MadIoT, threat actors could leverage an IoT botnet to compromise the power grid and cause widespread blackouts.

4 Hard-Learned Lessons for CISOs

Learn these lessons for CISOs before they hitch your security strategy.

3 Novel Ways to Use Blockchain for Business Across Industries

By leveraging blockchain for business, organizations can clarify historical records and streamline transactions while significantly boosting overall enterprise security.

Why Healthcare Cyberattacks Should Be a Concern for Consumer Data Collectors

Personal health information is extremely valuable to threat actors, and companies that store customers' health data need to be wary of healthcare cyberattacks that could threaten their business.

Bring These Security Metrics to Your Next Budget Meeting With the Board

By presenting the right security metrics to executives, CISOs can develop a strong business case for greater investment in cybersecurity.

Email Security Best Practices to Help You Reel In the Threat of Phishing

Phishing is still among the most common causes of a data breach. Companies should invest in managed security services and comprehensive awareness training to improve email security best practices.

What Are the Seven Biggest Social Media Scams of 2018?

Social media scams are an ever-evolving way for criminals to abuse the exponentially connected applications that are increasingly saturating users' everyday lives.

Six Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Women in Security Roles

As the number of unfilled cybersecurity positions increases, women in security remain grossly underrepresented. New data shows the deep-seated changes that must be made to turn these trends around.

Generation Gap: Does Your Security Awareness Program Bridge the Divide?

As more millennials enter the workforce, organizations should consider different approaches to security awareness training to account for generational knowledge gaps.