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John Bruce

Chairman & CEO, Resilient Systems Inc.

    John is a seasoned executive with a successful track record of building companies that deliver innovative customer solutions, particularly in security products and services.

    Written By John Bruce

    Accelerate Response With Orchestration

    For organizations struggling to keep up with increasingly complex security incidents, orchestration can help streamline response processes.

    Use Threat Intelligence to Improve Your Cyber Resilience

    Adversaries are working together to become smarter — and it's time we did too. Leveraging threat intelligence is a big part of becoming more aware.

    Outpacing the Threat With Dynamic Playbooks

    Dynamic Playbooks empower security teams to respond to complex incidents with agile workflows and response plans that adapt as new information is revealed.

    Three Ways to Become More Cyber Resilient: Findings From Ponemon’s New Study

    Findings from the Ponemon Institute's "2016 Cyber Resilient Organization" study suggest that many organizations are unprepared to respond to a cyberattack.

    Power Your Response With Incident Visualization

    Resilient Incident Visualization graphically displays relationships between indicators of compromise and incidents in an organization's environment.

    Response: The Key to Cyber Resilience

    The security market is about to have leading prevention, detection and response technologies available in a single portfolio — the security trifecta.