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John Clarke

Ethical Hacking Test Engineer, IBM

John Clarke is an Ethical Hacking Test Engineer at IBM in Ireland who specializes in web application security. John's role at IBM encompasses penetration testing, public speaking and any software he is allowed to break. John is also a volunteer in cybersecurity education, delivering ongoing education in application security to many universities in Europe. John holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Dublin Institute of Technology and is currently undertaking an MSc in Digital Forensics and Information Security.

Written By John Clarke

Capture the Flag Competitions Can Help Close the Security Skills Gap

A capture the flag exercise gives security professionals and business leaders an opportunity to drill their cybersecurity response skills.

Co-Written By John Clarke

Inside the IBM X-Force Command Advanced Persistent Threat CTF Competition

At IRISSCON 2017, 48 contestants across 12 teams battled it out in a free-for-all CTF competition to test their hacking, defending and forensics skills.