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John Kuhn

Senior Threat Researcher, IBM

    John Kuhn, Senior Threat Researcher, IBM Managed Security Services – John spends his days monitoring client networks and analyzing advanced threats. As part of the research team at IBM’s Managed Security Services, John has hands on knowledge of malware, APTs, threat detection, the evolving threat landscape, network security, and more.

    Written By John Kuhn

    Hey Siri, Get My Coffee, Hold the Malware

    According to IBM X-Force IRIS research, there are several security concerns that should be taken into consideration before using Siri Shortcuts.

    Bug Poaching: A New Extortion Tactic Targeting Enterprises

    Bug poaching may not feel as severe as full-blown advanced attacks that expose your data to the public, but you should treat them just as seriously.

    What Surfaces From the Deep, Dark Web

    Terms like Dark Web and Deep Web have started to pierce the bubble of popular culture, but most users aren't aware of the full scope of dangers present.

    The Dyre Wolf Campaign: Stealing Millions and Hungry for More

    A new Dyre malware campaign, branded "The Dyre Wolf" by IBM Security researchers, has successfully stolen more than $1 million from targeted organizations.

    No Holiday Bonanza for Cybercriminals During 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

    Contrary to expectations, the majority of cyberattackers scaled back their hacking efforts during the 2014 holiday shopping season.