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John Pinkham

Product Marketing Manager for IBM Security Solutions

    John Pinkham is a product marketing manager for the IBM Security Solutions team. John has experience in marketing security products and solutions through product marketing, content marketing, public relations, and analyst relations.

    Written By John Pinkham

    It’s Time to Start Thinking Like a Threat Hunter

    Many organizations understand the importance of threat hunting but simply lack enough time or resources. Here are some tips to help you start thinking like a threat hunter, regardless of your budget.

    Exploring Ponemon Data: After 4 Years, Is Security Satiated With False Confidence?

    The "2019 Ponemon Institute Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization" found that although security leaders are more confident in their cyber resilience, they are still overlooking critical areas.

    What’s the Best Way to Build Digital Trust? Show Your Customers You Care About Their Data Privacy

    Focusing on data privacy can have major benefits, including enhanced security, improved compliance and business growth — not to mention increased digital trust among your customer base.