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John Zorabedian

Content Marketing Manager, IBM Security

John Zorabedian is a writer, content marketer, blogger and editor at IBM Security. He has a background in journalism and marketing, with seven years of experience in the cyber security industry. At IBM, he contributes to the Security Intelligence blog, working with cyber security thought leaders and IBM's staff of writers, and digital, content campaign and product marketers. A graduate of Wesleyan University, John has an abiding interest in technology, writing about security topics including research, policy, digital privacy and social media. A Massachusetts native, John lives near Boston and works at IBM Security's headquarters in Cambridge.

Written By John Zorabedian

Cybercriminals Spoof Major Accounting and Payroll Firms in Tax Season Malware Campaigns

IBM X-Force researchers observed cybercriminals engaging in three tax-themed malware campaigns.

Cryptojacking Rises 450 Percent as Cybercriminals Pivot From Ransomware to Stealthier Attacks

IBM X-Force saw a decline in ransomware in 2018 as cybercriminals shifted tactics to cryptojacking and attacks that don’t leverage malware.

Cybersecurity Leaders From Maersk and Westfield Insurance Discuss Digital Transformation at Major Industry Event

IBM Security General Manager Mary O'Brien sat down for a fireside chat with Kevin Baker, CISO of Westfield Insurance, and Maersk CISO Andy Powell about how digital transformation impacts security.

Data Breach Fatigue Makes Every Day Feel Like Groundhog Day

The incessant stream of high-profile data breaches can make every day seem like Groundhog Day. How can businesses combat data breach fatigue and rebuild trust through improved breach response?