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Johnny K. Shin

Executive Consultant, IBM

Johnny Shin is a seasoned information security consultant with two decades of experience in Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Insider Threat Protection. Johnny has a successful track record of delivering strategy & roadmap, solution design & architecture, and enterprise-wide deployments for Fortune 100 companies.

Written By Johnny K. Shin

Accelerate the Value Gain With Identity Governance and Administration

The B-2-C-12 formula enables security professionals to demonstrate the value gain of their identity governance and administration investments faster.

Take a Hike: Navigating Your Identity Governance and Administration Process Engineering Journey

Identity governance and administration process engineering remains a challenge despite growing awareness about the importance of IGA and IAM processes.

The Anatomy of an Identity Governance and Administration Disaster

Many companies fail to maximize their identity governance and administration tools because they focus on short-term solutions to long-term problems.

Integrated Steps to Stay Ahead of Malicious Insiders

It is essential to allow access to data for your workforce, but you also must quickly detect and stop malicious insiders before they cause damage.