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Joseph Ries

Security Architect, IBM

    I have been working in IT for almost 20 years. Started out on a small IT team at a small business which generally means jack-of-all trades and expert of nothing. The positive of that experience was getting to feel out everything in the IT lexicon. I actually started working in the mainframe space and supporting Windows at the same time. I have even programmed and done data mining. I have been working in the security space for over half that time in one way or another. I current work on the Infrastructure and Endpoint Security team.

    Written By Joseph Ries

    How a Quirky Gmail Feature Led to a Phishing Scare and a Valuable Lesson in Email Security

    What began as a moment of panic in the wake of what I thought was a phishing attempt ended up being a valuable lesson about a quirky Gmail feature and how it impacts the email security landscape.