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Kacy Zurkus

Zurkus is an influential writer covering a range of security topics with a focus on mitigating risks to businesses. Her work has been published in a variety of industry publications, most notably in CSO Online, where she also penned her own blog, Security Newb. She currently writes about cybersecurity for Medium and has contributed to CyberDB, Cybersecurity Ventures, K12 Tech Decisions, CIO Magazine, and The Parallax. In addition, she is a ghost writer and author of a memoir.

Written By Kacy Zurkus

How to Achieve Ransomware Recovery — Without Paying Ransom

Ransomware recovery can be costly for companies with no defense strategy in place. Here's what your organization can do to protect itself from these ever-evolving threats.

How to Navigate Business Ethics in a Data-Hungry Digital World

Data monetization and the digital transformation have forced organizations to navigate the new world of business ethics and security practices.

72 Hours: How a Data Breach Response Plan Can Help You Meet the GDPR Notification Deadline

Without a data breach response plan, companies will find it difficult to disclose security incidents within 72 hours as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Hiring IT Professionals? Here’s Why Your Recruitment Process Is All Wrong

As companies grow, the process of hiring IT professionals becomes increasingly tedious, putting them at risk of missing out on top talent.

Humans vs. Machines: Will Adversarial AI Become the Better Hacker?

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) brought with it a new set of attacks using adversarial AI. How can organizations fight an unknown enemy that's not even human?

A Proposed Solution to the Password Reuse Problem

A group of researchers proposed a new framework that would enable web services to share users' password hash data in an effort to reduce password reuse.

How to Transform Data Into Actionable Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence should be translated into business-speak to help decision-makers understand the impact of potential threats and incorporate TI into their business strategies.

Achieving Cloud Security Through Gray Skies

When it comes to cloud security challenges, the issue is one of complexity. Many organizations lack a centralized view of all workloads across all of their environments.

If Video Killed the Radio, Will Malvertising Kill Your Website?

Malvertising isn't just a nuisance for internet users — it puts businesses and their customers at risk and compromises the integrity of the online advertising ecosystem.

How to Build a Corporate Culture of Cyber Awareness

The key to creating a culture of cyber awareness is to start small, set achievable goals and help employees understand how enterprise security affects their own privacy.