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Kathryn Zeidenstein

Technology Evangelist and Community Advocate, IBM Security Guardium

Kathryn Zeidenstein is a technology evangelist and community advocate for IBM Security Guardium data protection solutions, based out of the Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California. Responsible for producing content to build skills and raise awareness for Guardium technologies, she has published several articles and presented at many conferences. She also runs the Guardium Virtual User Group and is responsible for community building for Guardium.

Written By Kathryn Zeidenstein

Mainframe Data Is Your Secret Sauce: A Recipe for Data Protection

If mainframe data is your secret sauce, then data activity monitoring should be a key part of the data protection strategy defending your secret recipe.

IBM Security Guardium Certifies New Big Data Security Capabilities on Cloudera and Hortonworks Platforms

IBM Security Guardium took an even deeper dive into big data security by completing its official certification for Cloudera and Hortonworks platforms.

Get Serious About Data Protection to Secure MongoDB

MongoDB offered a set of security best practices to help users protect their databases from cybercriminals looking to exploit misconfigured servers.

Flying With the Wind: Reduce Drag on Your Data Protection Program With Automation and Visualization

Automation and analytics can help IT professionals speed up and solidify their data protection programs and prepare for regulatory audits.

Saying Yes to No(SQL) Databases: Next-Generation Applications Can Be Secure

NoSQL databases today come with rudimentary security installed, but with some extra foresight, you can completely up the ante to secure all applications.

It’s Not Rocket Science — It’s Data Security

Modern data security can be difficult for organizations, but the solution is often to approach it in a simpler, more actionable manner.

Who Needs to Know? Fine-Grained Access Control Can Protect Data Privacy

Fine-grained access controls such as the ones included in IBM Guardium products may be just the thing needed to enhance data privacy.

Data Discovery and Classification: Will You Do It or Let the Attackers Do It for You?

Organizations must be proactive about data discovery and classification if they hope to outsmart cybercriminals and properly secure information.

Big Data Protection: Off by Itself or a Member of the Family?

Protecting your big data information and platforms requires a collaborative effort between different teams and security controls.

More Than a Pretty Face: Usability Can Impact Bottom Line for Data Security

The usability of security tools can have a major impact on their effectiveness, as well as the efficacy of an organization's data security practices.

Co-Written By Kathryn Zeidenstein