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Kaushik Srinivas

Product Manager, IBM

Kaushik Srinivas is a Product Manager for IBM Security and is responsible for the MaaS360 Market. His current area of focus is Mobile App Security.

Written By Kaushik Srinivas

IBM MaaS360 Enters the Mix on the IBM Security App Exchange

A new MaaS360 app now available on the IBM Security App Exchange can help enterprises monitor user activity and track threats more effectively.

Data and Content Security for the Mobile-First World

Employees and enterprises are operating in an increasingly mobile-first world. Because of this, content security is of the utmost importance to executives.

Co-Written By Kaushik Srinivas

Mobile Malware on Smartphones and Tablets: The Inconvenient Truth

Mobile malware poses a major threat to enterprises, their customers and employees, and each of us as individuals — but there are ways to fight back.