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Kelly Kane

Team Lead, External Relations, IBM Security

Kelly Kane is the Team Lead for External Relations on the IBM Security team. You can find her working closely with IBM X-Force researchers, technical experts and executives to find interesting stories and bring them to the cybersecurity world's attention. Kelly has worked in cybersecurity for over a decade and is a member of InfraGard and a three time Bell Ringer award winner from the Publicity Club of New England.

Written By Kelly Kane

Practice: The Best Defense for Responding to Cyber Incidents

When it comes to defending an organization against cyberattacks and their aftershocks, the best way to shore up incident response is to practice.

What Can Business Leaders Do to Stay One Step Ahead of a Data Breach?

At the Cambridge Cyber Summit, IBM Security General Manager Marc van Zadelhoff offered three pieces of advice to help business prepare for a data breach.