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Kelly Ryver

Management and Strategy Consultant, IBM

    Kelly is a management and strategy consultant with over 20 years of consulting experience ranging from security analysis, to functional analysis to security architecture in the public, private, non-profit and defense sectors.

    Written By Kelly Ryver

    Internet-Connected Toys: Cute, Cuddly and Inherently Insecure

    Internet-connected toys may be cute and cuddly, but they can also be hijacked by malicious actors to spy on children and their parents.

    Caveat Emptor: Identifying Insider Threats Acquired From Mergers and Acquisitions

    During mergers and acquisitions, companies should conduct third-party risk assessments to identify insider threats that might be lurking on the network.

    Funny Money: Exploring the Connection Between Bitcoin and Ransomware

    Fraudsters obviously prefer to deal in digital currency to remain anonymous, but bitcoin and ransomware are also intertwined in other, more complex ways.

    Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Futuristic Threat Modeling

    Augmented and virtual reality can be invaluable tools for threat modeling in all sectors, but the emerging technologies also introduce new vulnerabilities.

    Insider Threats, Industrial Sabotage and Game Theory, Part 3: Multiplayer Games

    Organizations seeking to prevent insider threats should establish red, blue and black teams to produce threat models for multiplayer games.

    Insider Threats, Industrial Sabotage and Game Theory: Part 2

    When it comes to securing industrial IT environments, the implications of game theory vary depending on whether the parties cooperate, collude or defect.

    Children’s Health Care, Patient Records and Black Market Identity Theft

    Children's hospitals often fall victim to black market identity theft because their primary goal is treating patients — data security is secondary.

    Insider Threats, Industrial Sabotage and Game Theory

    Insider threats can achieve industrial sabotage by slowly gaining control over individual projects, programs and then eventually the company.

    The Multitude of Threat Vectors Vehicle Area Networks Create

    The vehicle area networks used by autonomous vehicles will need to protected with the most sophisticated security measures available.

    A Future Full of Drones — and the Advanced Threats They Present

    Drones may be a relatively new technology, but there are a number of established risks and threats that need to be addressed by all organizations.