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Kenneth Gonzalez

Security Intelligence Analyst, IBM

Security specialist with 10 years of experience on different technology fields.

Written By Kenneth Gonzalez

A Step-By-Step Guide to Vulnerability Assessment

Sometimes, security professionals don't know how to approach a vulnerability assessment, especially when it comes to dealing with results from its automated report. Here's how to get started.

A Basic Model to Measure SIEM Maturity

Companies looking to improve their ability to protect, control and monitor their technology infrastructures should follow this basic SIEM maturity model.

Protecting Against Spam and Phishing Attacks With a Layered Approach to Email Security

To protect their users from spam and phishing attacks, security professionals should adopt a basic, layered approach to email security.

Using SIEM Solutions to Connect the Security Dots and Detect Ransomware

Security tools can only provide so much value in isolation. An SIEM platform helps analysts connect the dots between data produced by disparate solutions.