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Kevin Beaver

Independent Information Security Consultant

Kevin Beaver is an information security consultant, writer, and professional speaker with Atlanta-based Principle Logic, LLC. With over 29 years of experience in IT and 23 years specializing in security, Kevin performs independent security assessments and consulting to help businesses uncheck the boxes that keep creating a false sense of security. He has authored/co-authored 12 books on information security, including the best-selling "Hacking For Dummies" and "The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance." In addition, Kevin is the creator of the Security On Wheels information security audiobooks and blog providing security learning for IT professionals on the go. You can learn more and link to Kevin's articles, blog posts, videos and more at his website, www.principlelogic.com.

Written By Kevin Beaver

Spotting the Trouble Ahead With Proper Visibility Into Your Network

Enterprises with visibility into their networks are in a better position to fight advanced threats and prevent damaging data breaches.

Ask the Tough Questions About Near-Field Communication Security and Privacy

Both enterprises and customers alike need to ask questions about the security and privacy issues surrounding near-field communication.

Information Security Is Not Stagnant, but Dynamic

Information security has changed drastically in a short amount of time, but defense strategies are not keeping pace with its dynamic nature.

The Top Ways Cybercriminals Infiltrate Retailers’ Systems and Steal Customer Data

Retailers are tasked with protecting the customer data that resides within their point-of-sale systems. But what is the best way to prevent breaches?

Employee Risk: Dealing With Risky Network Users

How organizations manage employee risk will depend heavily on their security awareness programs, identity governance and other existing protocols.

The Mishandling of Sensitive Data: Do You Really Know What You Don’t Know?

Carelessness with data handling creates many unnecessary risks. Here are some examples of this neglect and what you can do about it.

Security Decision-Making: When Decisions Are Based on Fear Rather Than Fact

When it comes to decision-making, are security professionals motivated negatively by fear and misinformation or positively by facts and common sense?

Sorting Through the Hype of Next-Generation Firewalls

Ask the right questions of both your organization and your security vendor before taking the plunge with next-generation firewalls.

Don’t Overlook This Key Element in Securing the Internet of Things

You absolutely must think long-term when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) because these systems aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Addressing Your Security Program One Small Step at a Time

Organizations can form an effective security program by following a few basic best practices and dedicating themselves to a long-term effort.