Written By Kevin G. Joseph

The 21st-Century Real Estate Deal: How the Internet of Things Is Changing Commercial Real Estate

The Internet of Things is disrupting the real estate industry, requiring brokers to develop new skills to help clients maximize their investments.

The Relationship: Why Technology Is Only One Part of the Equation

In the IT security industry, forging a relationship with the client is just as important to the long-term success of a security program as the tools used.

Industry Update: Securing the Financial Enterprise

Financial institutions can set themselves apart by leveraging security solutions that protect client information and use the latest technologies.

Cyber Conscious: Why Time Is Running Out for Executives With No Cybersecurity Initiatives

C-level executives at modern enterprises need to have cybersecurity initiatives — or, at the very least, basic security knowledge.

The Importance of Having an Effective Incident Response Team

Having an incident response team can drastically improve the reaction to a security event, but businesses have to invest in the right areas.

Employee Security IQ: Why Executives Need a Strategic Initiative to Tackle Security IQ

Raising the security IQ of all members within an organization is a proactive way to protect against cyber threats and shore up your security strategy.