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Kevin Olivieri

Online Community and Social Media Manager

Kevin is the Online Community and Social Media Manager at Fiberlink, an IBM Company. He currently manages and writes for the MaaSters Blog, which was named one of the 50 Must-Read IT Blog by Biz Tech Magazine in 2014. Kevin most often writes on the topics of mobility, social media, apps, and mobile security.

Written By Kevin Olivieri

Mobility Framework: Secure Content and Collaboration Without a Silver Bullet

While there's no silver bullet when it comes to establishing secure content and collaboration on mobile, there is a right way to do it.

Mobility Now: Mobilizing Health Care Delivery for Better Outcomes

Explore the security challenges and productivity benefits of leveraging mobile devices in the health care industry in this episode of Mobility NOW!

Mobility Now: Mobile Identity Management

Enterprise mobility management and mobile identity management are essential to relieving some concerns surrounding access controls within the business.

Mobility Now: Mobile Disruption in Retail

Retail organizations must integrate mobility into their overall business strategies if they hope to provide customers with the best possible experience.

Mobile How-To: Securing and Encrypting Enterprise Mobile Messaging

Enterprise mobile messaging is a must-have in today's fast-paced world, but the communications need to balance security with ease of use.

Simple Mobile Security Steps to Protect Health Information

Mobile security strategies must be upgraded in order to keep protected health information secure across all access points and endpoints.

The Mobile Cloud: How Cloud Services Cast Dark Shadows on Mobile Activity

Securing mobile cloud access across the enterprise can help prevent data leaks and other risky employee behaviors that could hurt the organization.

Six Android Marshmallow Features to Embrace in Your Enterprise

Android Marshmallow is out now and quickly proliferating in enterprises. Make sure your organization is secured with the right EMM solution.

Scoring Points With Mobility Management and Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a huge market that draws millions of users each year, and many of those players play games on their mobile devices during work hours.

RAMPing Up Mobility in the Most Secure Enterprises

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) can help organizations of any size or structure enter the next phase of mobile security.