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Koen Van Impe

Security Analyst

Koen Van Impe is a security analyst who worked at the Belgian national CSIRT and is now an independent security researcher.He has a twitter feed (@cudeso) and a personal blog (www.vanimpe.eu).Koen is passionate about computer security, incident handling, network analysis, honeypots, Linux, log management and web technologies. He is responsible for the follow-up and coordination of computer security incidents and gives security advice to customers.

Written By Koen Van Impe

Defending Against Apache Web Server DDoS Attacks

Here's what you need to know about Web server DDoS attacks, how to defend against them and what tools are available to help in your efforts.

Comparing Different Tools for Threat Sharing

Threat sharing is getting more and more attention from security professionals to detect and quickly respond to security threats.

Signature-Based Detection With YARA

Security researchers on the lookout for another resource to help with malware detection should consider the pattern-matching tool YARA.

Comparing Free Online Malware Analysis Sandboxes

Free malware analysis sandboxes can be used as a means of enhancing cybersecurity without a major drain on time, money and other resources.

Does the VENOM Vulnerability Affect You?

The VENOM flaw is the latest security vulnerability to come to light. But are you at risk? And how should you react if your data is suceptible to attacks?

How to Stay Up-to-Date on Security Trends

Following news and threat information and staying up-to-date with the latest security trends can keep your organization and your customers secure.

How STIX, TAXII and CybOX Can Help With Standardizing Threat Information

As the security threat landscape evolves, organizations should consider using STIX, TAXII and CybOX to help with standardizing threat information.

Analyzing Queries on a Honeypot Name Server for Better DNS Log Quality

Monitoring a honeypot name server for queries in a public cloud is an easy and popular way of collecting data on "Internet noise."