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Kris Lovejoy

    Kristin Lovejoy is the former general manager of the IBM Security Services division, where she developed and delivered managed and professional security services to IBM clients worldwide.

    Written By Kris Lovejoy

    Security Safeguard: Defend and Protect Your Crown Jewels for Data Protection

    Digital intruders target strategic assets, government ministries to communications networks. Beyond a cyber attack's impact on consumers, an organization's critical data, or its "Crown Jewels," are its lifeblood. This data includes intellectual...

    Security Is Not a Technology Problem but a Process and People Problem

    In thinking about the full security package in the context of cloud security, you should consider aspects such as mobile security, social media implications and the evolution of your role as a security leader. Security monitoring and SIEM are...

    10 Security Essentials Every CIO Needs to Know

    Is strong security even possible in a hyper-connected era? The answer is yes, but it requires fundamental changes in processes and attitudes. Here ten security essentials that we think every CIO needs to know to achieve security intelligence in the...