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Kris Duer

Lead Security Analytics Researcher, IBM

Kristofer Duer is a Java programmer with a specialty in analytics. He has worked in the application security field for the last five years on IBM Security AppScan Source, a static analysis tool. He specializes in applying analytics to refine security result sets down to actionable lists. He previously worked on the automation platform, IBM Rational Build Forge. His work involved everything from fixing defects to visiting clients for problem resolution and education. Outside of work he enjoys fishing, running, hiking and spending time with his family.

Written By Kris Duer

Maximizing Effectiveness of Your Application Security Testing Program With Cognitive Intelligent Finding Analytics

Your application security testing program can be improved with the addition of cognitive learning strategies such as fixed-point analysis.

Co-Written By Kris Duer

Intelligent Code Analytics: Increasing Application Security Testing Coverage With Cognitive Computing

With intelligent code analytics, developers can use machine learning to mark up APIs and bring application security testing to the next level.

Intelligent Finding Analytics: Your Cognitive Computing Application Security Expert

IBM's Intelligent Finding Analytics platform enables security teams using SAST solutions to deliver results more accurately to developers for speedy fixes.